Who We Are

The association „Kustība demokrātiskai domai (KDD)” (Movement for democratic thought) is a civil society organisation founded in October 29, 2002.

Main aim of the association is to facilitate the development of civil society and society integration process, involvement of Latvian NGOs in international networks with the aim to find common solutions for socio-economic, cultural and public participation problems.

Members of the KDD are professional lawyers, PR specialists, project managers, who are contributing with their knowledge and experience to achieve the goals of the association.

In order to achieve maximum effectiveness of activities, KDD is closely cooperating with government institutions, ministries, local municipalities, other NGOs and entrepreneurs. 

The main objectives of the association are:
  • facilitate cultural and experience exchange between Latvia and other countries;
  • rise public awareness on socio-economic problems and facilitate their solving;
  • rise public awareness on society integration problems and facilitate their solving;
  • build understanding on civil society and integration processes;
  • facilitate participation of the society in the decision making processes;
  • promote introduction and use of innovative technologies;
  • encourage environmental protection and promote "green thinking and living";
  • facilitate experience exchange with development countries;
  • promote innovative entraprenourship and entraprenourial spirit;
  • provide training to adults and youth on the above topics;
  • provide research on the above topics.
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